Health Benefits Of A Standing Desk

Most of our body’s functionality are negatively impacted when we spend long hours by sitting in a single place, constant-sitting incurs lower-back problems moreover it can heavily wreak the body posture. Detriment Body fat can be stored especially in the abdominal area.

In this digital era as most of the office works are done through the help of computer we need to sit in front of it throughout the office hours, moreover as internet has become our source of recreation hence even in our home we make ourselves confined into the short space of couch. Almost every one of us has experienced the exhaustion after sitting for long hours. Generally much hard work is not done by us while sitting on a chair or a couch, in spite of that our legs feel numb and after the day we feel exhausted.

That’s because our body must requires complete balance between sitting, standing and stretching, excessiveness of any one of these will only make us exhausted and slowly rupture our health hence it is the time to move on and experience the amazing health benefits of standing desk. In addition to shifting to a standing desk, it is important to exercise regularly, eat a clean diet as well as explore alternative forms of medicine such as chiropractic and this chiropractor waterbury ct which will help align your spine and help restore the damage of years of sitting.

If you are experiencing hard time in order to find out a reasonably priced standing desk that is efficient as well then go through this guide and this will help you to find out the suitable desk for your needs.

Out of several standing desk that are available in the market the height adjustable standing desk Varidesk is generally preferred by the office workers. It is really easy to utilize and you will need only few minutes to understand the mechanism of the desk.

My favorite height adjustable standing desk

  • With complete down and up flexibility the desk comes with finest finish and solid construction and design. it transform productivity, well being and office morale. If you loved to work in an organized desk then you can give a try to Varidesk.
  • The desk can be easily bought from their official website. Depending upon your needs you can choose from their multiple ranges of height adjusting desks that provide plenty of space. The Pro Plus 36 provides place for monitor, laptop and the keyboard. The cube corner 48TM is designed to afford place for two monitors and keyboards. The pro 30TM is crafted for single monitor and keyboard.
  • The mat is made out of finest material in order to provide utmost level of comfort to your feet and all of the products are constructed with sturdy material that makes them the player of longer run.

I suggest you go through the reviews that are posted by the users of these standing desks to be assured of the efficiency of the desks. If you are thinking to convert your regular desk then instead of spending bunch of money on a new desk you can try Varydesk that will not only save your pocket but also gives you a way to a healthier life.



6 Health and Productivity Tricks to be More Efficient

Time is money, and today this old adage seems to be truer than ever. If you want to be more productive you’ve got to learn how to get the most out of the time that you have. And to do that, you need to have several tips and tricks up your sleeve.

One of the essential elements of high productivity is health. You can’t be productive if you don’t feel well. Health and productivity go hand in hand, so you need to acquire some healthy habits if you want to rev up your productivity.

With a few simple yet effective changes in your lifestyle you can do more in less time. Let’s see how you can increase your productivity whether in an office environment or at home:

1. Remove distractions

People get easily distracted, and that prevents them from using the time they have to the fullest. Distractions are clouding your focus, and they stop you from doing things that really matter. In order to prevent this, a good rule of the thumb is to tidy up and remove any external distractions. This way you’ll be able to concentrate on the task at hand.

But the clutter doesn’t have to be just external. You need to de-clutter your mind as well. Turn off that radio, switch off the phone and turn off your email notifications. If your inbox is bombarded with newsletters you don’t remember signing up for, you can use a software like that will help you get rid of those junk emails. And however tempting it may be, stop checking your Facebook profile every ten minutes or so.

2. Exercise

Exercise can significantly help you supercharge your productivity. When you exercise you pump more oxygen into the brain and stimulate the growth of new muscle cells, which help keep your brain active and sharp when you need it the most. Balanced exercise also helps you relieve stress which positively influences your behavior and mood throughout the day. And when you feel good physically, you are more likely to be more productive as well.

3. Adequate sleep

Sleep has numerous roles and is essential for our overall well-being. Recent studies suggest that sleep actually detoxes the brain and removes waste products and harmful toxins. During deep sleep brain cells shrink up to 60% allowing other channels and lymphatic systems to flush the waste products. Good 6 – 8 hours sleep restores your brain and helps it function properly. During the first half of your sleep cycle, your mind is regenerating itself, and during the second half, you’re having dreams. Sleep also helps with memory retention and turns short term memory into long term memory. But not only that. Good sleep helps fights stress and any painful events because of the cycles of fluctuations of cortisol levels. When you’re asleep your body basically works for you to allow you to be at your best the next day.

4. Balanced nutrition

You know how important good nutrition is to your body, but did you know that it influences your state of mind and sharpness as well? According to the UCL Health Systems poor eating habits can lead to fatigue, low mental effectiveness, stress and depression, irritability, low energy levels, and ultimately to low productivity. Top healthy snacks and foods that boost your brain productivity include: walnuts, coffee, fish, spinach, olive oil, flax seed, Greek yoghurt, dark chocolate, asparagus and peppermint tea.


5. Make meetings productive

Meetings can drag on for hours, and sometimes you accomplish nothing at all. That’s why it’s a good rule to keep them short yet effective, in order to avoid unnecessary loss of time. Sometimes it’s better not to have a meeting at all than to sit idly while everybody is checking on their emails and staring at their phones instead of participating. You need to make meetings more creative and useful so that you can truly focus at the problem at hand.


6. Use productive tools

There are many apps, software packages and tools that can help you boost your productivity levels at work or at home. Take Evernote, for example. If you’re happen to be a blogger, Evernote can save you a lot of energy by helping you manage your time more efficiently. Evernote helps bloggers make drafts and organize their ideas. Tools such as Grammarly can help you type perfect emails or blogs more accurately and error-free. A Google tool called Directr for Business can help you create amazing professional videos in an easy and fast way. Get with the times and find your own perfect tool to be more productive and effective!