Neurofeedback Therapy For Mental Health

As you’re probably aware by now, that is if you’ve been following my blog, I am a big fan of physical health and wellbeing. What I haven’t yet touched on is mental health and my experience with it. I believe that the state of your mental wellbeing dictates the qualify of life. If you’re free from excessive stress, anxiety, depression, fear and other intense psychological issues, you are able to be in control of your life and live it to the fullest. I believe mental health is available to everyone but many individuals default to traditional forms of medicine and medication which can lead to further issues. These traditional measures absolutely serve a purpose and I am not simply discounting them. I am saying that it is worth investigating alternative forms of treatment that are available. Which brings me to my study. I began to study mental health and alternative forms of treatment for Epilepsy as a close family member has this unfortunate condition. This is when I came across Neurofeedback Therapy or Neurofeedback Training.

If you’re not aware, Neurofeedback  Training is essentially the training of your brain to function at optimal levels and increase efficiency. The training works by rewarding the brain when it functions with the right activity and patterns.

I have yet learn if Neurofeedback is an effective treatment for Epilepsy but do know from personal experience with friends and family that it is an effective alternative treatment for ADHD and learning disabilities. I encourage anyone out there going through some form of mental health issue to research Neurofeedback as it applies to any aspect of brain function that we are able to measure..which is a lot. Some of the common conditions that are known to have been successfully treated with Neurofeedback include ADHD, Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety, Learning Disabilities and OCD.

Health Benefits Of A Standing Desk

Most of our body’s functionality are negatively impacted when we spend long hours by sitting in a single place, constant-sitting incurs lower-back problems moreover it can heavily wreak the body posture. Detriment Body fat can be stored especially in the abdominal area.

In this digital era as most of the office works are done through the help of computer we need to sit in front of it throughout the office hours, moreover as internet has become our source of recreation hence even in our home we make ourselves confined into the short space of couch. Almost every one of us has experienced the exhaustion after sitting for long hours. Generally much hard work is not done by us while sitting on a chair or a couch, in spite of that our legs feel numb and after the day we feel exhausted.

That’s because our body must requires complete balance between sitting, standing and stretching, excessiveness of any one of these will only make us exhausted and slowly rupture our health hence it is the time to move on and experience the amazing health benefits of standing desk. In addition to shifting to a standing desk, it is important to exercise regularly, eat a clean diet as well as explore alternative forms of medicine such as chiropractic and this chiropractor waterbury ct which will help align your spine and help restore the damage of years of sitting.

If you are experiencing hard time in order to find out a reasonably priced standing desk that is efficient as well then go through this guide and this will help you to find out the suitable desk for your needs.

Out of several standing desk that are available in the market the height adjustable standing desk Varidesk is generally preferred by the office workers. It is really easy to utilize and you will need only few minutes to understand the mechanism of the desk.

My favorite height adjustable standing desk

  • With complete down and up flexibility the desk comes with finest finish and solid construction and design. it transform productivity, well being and office morale. If you loved to work in an organized desk then you can give a try to Varidesk.
  • The desk can be easily bought from their official website. Depending upon your needs you can choose from their multiple ranges of height adjusting desks that provide plenty of space. The Pro Plus 36 provides place for monitor, laptop and the keyboard. The cube corner 48TM is designed to afford place for two monitors and keyboards. The pro 30TM is crafted for single monitor and keyboard.
  • The mat is made out of finest material in order to provide utmost level of comfort to your feet and all of the products are constructed with sturdy material that makes them the player of longer run.

I suggest you go through the reviews that are posted by the users of these standing desks to be assured of the efficiency of the desks. If you are thinking to convert your regular desk then instead of spending bunch of money on a new desk you can try Varydesk that will not only save your pocket but also gives you a way to a healthier life.